Recognised IFS Consultants

The demand for IFS Certifications and Progress Program Assessments is growing. Many companies are looking for sound consulting expertise, training, and internal auditing support to help them navigate the implementation process. As a recognised IFS Consultant, you distinguish yourself from other service providers. IFS provides you with

professional training, support material and tools. IFS Consultants also have the option to deliver official IFS Industry Training. For this purpose, you can obtain official training materials directly from IFS. Accordingly, your clients can trust that your advice corresponds with the official interpretation of the IFS Requirements.


  • Promote your business and acquire new clients
  • Display your profile on the IFS Website
  • Access IFS Training and other materials to advance your knowledge
  • Learn online at your own pace via training materials available 24/7
  • Participate in IFS-sponsored webinars, events, and technical talks
  • Access the digital IFS Tools
  • Receive a subscription to the IFS Trend Risk Report
Download the How to become a recognised IFS Consultant fact sheet

Useful IFS Tools for Consultants


As a recognised IFS Consultant, you are registered in the IFS Database. Here, you can see your profile, CV and the training courses you attended and access other valuable resources and information such as the IFS Trend Risk Monitor. Your details in the database are the basis for your profile on the IFS Website. We, therefore, advise you to keep them current.

Professional Partner Platform

Access training materials tailor-made for IFS Consultants. Qualify yourself and stay up to date with our e-learnings and other content dedicated to the consulting process! Once qualified, you can promote your expertise on the IFS Website. The platform offers a unique service to accommodate your continuous qualification. Courses are available in English and mostly subtitled in the main IFS Languages.

To enter the portal, you need to register separately. Log in or register to the portal here.


Support internal auditing with the IFS Software. Use the same software as the IFS Auditor to evaluate the product safety and quality management system at your client efficiently. Get score results to assess areas for improvement and create internal audit reports. The software is available in the login area of the IFS Database.


The IFS Pathway offers many technical resources for companies to develop or improve their product safety and quality management. By becoming an IFS Pathway partner, you can contribute technical content to the platform to demonstrate your expertise and increase your visibility to potential clients. Access the IFS Pathway through the IFS Professional Partner Platform.

Risk Management

Monitor food raw material safety risks with the IFS Trend Risk Monitor and Word Cloud. Identify food fraud issues and customise your dashboard to follow trends of interest. Receive the IFS Trend Risk Report, a monthly overview of worldwide data published. Learn more about the IFS Risk Management here.

Supporting Documents

IFS Guidelines and Checklists help you and your clients with practical advice on specific technical topics. Prepare for the audit/assessment with guidance documents explaining the intention of the requirements and giving examples of auditor questions. You can download them from the IFS Website.

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