Today, we are happy to announce the publication of IFS HPC version 3. It is our standard for assessing the safety and quality management system and production processes of household and personal care products.

“Consumers’ expectations of the quality and product safety of household and personal care products have increased in recent years. Health and safety issues have created a desire for more transparency in production and the supply chain. The IFS HPC is the standard developed to build more confidence in the market. With the new version 3, we offer an improved approach to assessing a company’s product safety and quality management”, says IFS Managing Director, Stephan Tromp, about the latest edition of IFS HPC.

The new version of the standard provides an updated approach to assessing a company’s product safety and quality management, including customer specifications. Its focus on assessing topical issues for the HPC industry, like hazard analysis, risk assessment, allergen risk mitigation, product safety culture, and product specifications, clearly demonstrates the objectives of the new IFS HPC Standard.

IFS provides guidance and support, such as guidelines and tools, to support companies with their certification. In addition, approved IFS Training Providers offer training based on IFS Materials, and recognised IFS Consultants can support you in implementing the requirements.

Please find the standard and other documents here.