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The IFS Logistics standard assesses the quality and safety of logistics activities and includes transport, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, and more. It supports your logistics company in meeting the growing transparency and traceability demands of your customers. Showing you can handle their products in a professional and responsible way contributes to increasing trust between you and your customers.
IFS Logistics applies to all logistics areas, such as delivery by truck, rail or ship, and all types of food and non-food products, regardless of whether

they must be transported at freezing temperatures, refrigerated or non-refrigerated.
Qualified auditors working for  independent accredited certification bodies carry out the audits.
IFS Standards are subject to assessments by governmental or private organisations. Read more about accreditation and recognition of the IFS Logistics Standard here.


  • IFS Certification grows sales
  • It reduces operating costs and increases efficiency
  • The scoring system drives continuous improvement
  • The IFS risk-based approach enables individual risk assessments
  • The non-prescriptive approach allows custom-made solutions
  • Combining IFS Logistics with other IFS Audits is possible
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Roadmap to certification


For industry training, IFS cooperates with approved training providers. Also, we offer e-learning courses in English in our webshop.

Approved IFS Training Providers offer official training for IFS Standards and Programs, internal auditing, hazard analysis, risk assessments or specific technical topics.

IFS exclusively provides the training material for these courses. This way, you can be sure that only these providers will teach you how to implement IFS requirements according to their original intention. Only our approved training providers may use the IFS Academy Logo.

The training takes place online as group and individual courses or in person and on-site.

Click here to find an IFS Training Provider in your country.


You can implement the IFS Requirements on your own or tap into the expertise, knowledge, and experience of a recognised IFS Consultant.

IFS supports you with a unique package of various tools and guiding documents (see below). Also, you can contact an IFS Representative in your region or country for advice.

Recognised IFS Consultants are industry professionals offering training, standard knowledge, internal auditing, and industry experience to guide the implementation of the IFS Requirements. IFS has trained these consultants and regularly informs them about updates and other relevant developments regarding the standards and programs. You can be sure that you will work with an excellently trained, up to date and experienced professional when choosing a recognised IFS Consultant.

Search for the most suitable consultant for your company in your region in our consultant search.

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Approved IFS Certification Bodies (CBs) provide auditing services to companies seeking IFS Certification. Their IFS Auditors offer certification audits.

We firmly believe that solid auditor competence is the basis for the IFS Standards' credibility and reliability. All IFS Auditors must meet specific requirements, pass the relevant IFS Exam, and participate in an IFS Calibration Training every two years. This way, we ensure that IFS Auditors worldwide assess companies in a consistent manner.

  • Use the search function to find a certification body in your country.

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Support for IFS certified sites


Connect with the IFS Network to grow your business. As a certified business, you can log in to the IFS Database to follow suppliers and search for new ones. Also, your company is visible to potential new customers and business partners.


Simplify your internal auditing with the IFS Software. Use the same software as the IFS Auditor to evaluate your product safety and quality management system efficiently. Get score results to assess areas for improvement and create internal audit reports. You can download the software from your IFS Database login area.


Document the findings of your internal audit with the IFS Audit Manager app. The app offers checklists, templates and audit planning features. Save time and easily identify gaps in your system, share findings with colleagues, and get the results to see your compliance level.

Supporting Documents

IFS Guidelines and Checklists help you with practical advice on specific technical topics. Prepare for the audit/assessment with guidance documents explaining the intention of the requirements and giving examples of auditor questions. Go to the document hub and search for guidelines to get an overview. 


Strengthen your product safety and quality management skills. For certified businesses, the IFS Pathway offers a technical library and various practical resources to deepen your knowledge about specific technical topics.

IFS News

Our updated IFS Pest Control Guideline is now available!

The IFS Pest Control Guideline is a supporting document with the goal to improve the communication between IFS certified companies and their pest management professionals.

In this completely revised second version of the guideline, you can await explanations on some new aspects of pest management.

1. We introduce aspects of sustainability and digitisation following the European Union’s „Green Deal”.

2. We explain Integrated Pest Management principles and provide examples.

3. We present new innovative tools and techniques for pest management.

4. We analyse the pest management related IFS Requirements and provide questions auditors might ask.

5. We added an example of a detailed risk assessment for different pests.

Integrated Pest Management is a new requirement of the European Commission to reduce the risk of chemical pesticides by half. Pesticides for pest control can continue to be used with better consideration for people and the environment.

We thank our colleague Irmtraut Rathjens de Suster for her great and hard work in realising this new guideline version. Our special thanks go to Daniel Schroeer from Futura GmbH, whose experience, knowledge and insights have made this guideline possible, which provides a practical approach to implementing the principles of plant protection. We would also like to thank ANID (Associazione Nazionale delle Imprese di Disinfestazione) for their valuable contributions and additional comments. This guideline is published in cooperation with QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH.

The guideline is currently only available in English, further languages will follow soon.

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