Quality Assurance and Integrity Program

It is important for IFS that all stakeholders can rely on the quality and credibility of the certificates issued. To ensure this, we initiated a quality assurance and integrity program in 2010, making us a pioneer in this field. Since then, we have constantly developed and improved it.


Our objectives

  • Ensure that all partners in the supply chain can trust the quality and integrity of IFS Certificates
  • Guarantee transparency and fairness for companies and certification bodies
  • Promote consistent practices among the certification bodies and approved IFS Auditors
  • Drive continuous improvement and development

What do we do to achieve these objectives?

  • We investigate complaints

  • We monitor the performance of certification bodies and IFS Auditors

  • We verify that certified companies comply with the IFS Requirements

Investigating and Managing Complaints

Retailers, certification bodies, employees of companies certified to IFS, and concerned stakeholders can inform us of any issues they observe that are not in line with the IFS Requirements. Thereto they can submit a complaint in private or anonymously. Our Integrity Program investigates all received complaints and, where needed, takes action to address them.

Have you observed something you would like to inform us about? Click here to go to the complaint form or send us an email.

Monitoring the performance of certification bodies and auditors

The analysis of indicators in our database allows us to monitor CB performance consistently. IFS regularly visits certification bodies on-site to conduct CB Office Audits. During the process, we check relevant documentation and the quality of the selected certification procedures.

The IFS Integrity Program (IP) Auditors regularly perform witness audits. Here, the IP auditor joins an approved IFS Auditor during a certification audit to observe if he or she acts in line with our expectations.

Verifying if IFS Certified Companies Comply with IFS Requirements

To monitor if companies are complying with the IFS Requirements, we monitor and evaluate the data in the IFS Database. With our risk-based approach, we identify the companies that we want to investigate more closely. This approach is based on specific administrative indicators and empirical values. If appropriate, IFS Integrity Auditors will visit the site to perform an integrity on-site check.