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IFS Faces - Miroslav Šuška

By learning from each other in the IFS Team, we continuously improve our performance.

Miroslav Šuška, Representative Czech Republic
In this part of the IFS Faces series, Miroslav Šuška, the face behind the IFS Food Book and the IFS Face in the Czech Republic, introduces himself:

The IFS Face in Czech Republic 

My name is Miroslav Šuška. I am the owner and managing director of QUALIFOOD, a consultancy specialized in implementing quality and food safety standards. I have been working with companies such as Nestlé, Yoplait, Nutricia and many other food companies.

A very experienced food safety professional

Before that, I worked for several international certification bodies as an auditor for IFS and other schemes. Here, I performed many IFS Food and other audits across Europe, Asia and North America. I also got to know the business from the other side. For several years, I was employed as a quality manager. At CPC Foods (later it became Bestfoods), an international food producing company.

Representing IFS in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 

Since 2014 I also work for IFS as both IFS Integrity Auditor and representative in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Here, I perform IFS Integrity Audits and I am the contact person for IFS Stakeholders in these countries.
To complete the package, I also organize IFS Academy training courses and the annual IFS Conferences. The next one will take place on the 19th and 20th of October. Here, you can find all relevant information: http://www.ifskonference.cz/

The IFS Food Book

Last year, I had a unique project. I wrote the book titled "IFS Food 7: How to successfully pass the assessment". For this project, I became a lot of support and valuable hints from the IFS Technical Team. In the end, it became the official "IFS Manual", and I am very proud of that. The book has a unique approach by taking the readers through the IFS Food version 7 requirement by requirement. The book describes many non-conformities and deviations examples based on experiences from IFS Food certification assessments across the globe. With this practical approach, readers will be well prepared for their following IFS assessment.
You can now win a book by participating in the Anuga Sweepstake by IFS.
Or you can order a copy at: https://www.ifsfoodbook.com/

I am looking forward to continuing working for and with the IFS Team. I value the chances and support I have become. By learning from each other, we can continuously improve our performance.  

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